Dates Available           

 As of Nov 20/13 These change with out notice!

            Archery Hunt Dates: Oct 1-31 2014                           Archery Hunt Dates: Oct1-31 2015

            Rifle Hunt Dates: Nov 1-15 2013                        Rifle Hunt Dates: Oct 31- Nov 15 2014

            Dates available 2014                                                                          Dates available 2015

             Archery:  Oct 19-26th                                                                       Archery:  Oct 19-26th

            Rifle: Nov 1-5 booked                                                               Rifle: Oct 31-Nov 4 booked

            Nov. 6-10th booked                                                                               Nov. 5 -10th booked

            Nov 11-15th booked                                                                             Nov. 11-15th booked

            Hunt group range average 10 - 12 hunters.  


What to bring.

Bring your normal hunting equipment and warm clothing. Also rain gear, rubber boots, knife, compass, a good set of field glasses, sunglasses, rope, camera, thermos, game-bags, or cheese cloth and a cooler to take meat home in.


As of July 1 2009 you will be required to have a Passport for border crossing.


Unless you have a non-resident outdoor card it is important that you bring an old license. 


Before the MNR will issue you a license you must prove that you have had a license before.


Soft cover bow/gun case, hunter orange vest and a hunter orange hat.